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Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 27, 2010

This weekend, after our late lunch at Southend Brewery, the Husband and I decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  However, I had to stop back at Baked to try another sweet treat.  While I enjoyed my cupcake in September, this time around my friend Jaclyn recommended I try out a sweet & salty treat.


As I often am when walking into a bakery, I was overwhelmed by all of the choices 🙂 First, I checked out what they had in their cases…

Muffins and scones


Tarts and pastries…


Whoopie pies…




And cookies


I also remembered that they had cakes out on their big table in the center of the bakery.  I remembered the Citrus Cake as being one I wanted in September.

IMG_9757 I was intrigued by the Green Tea Cake…

IMG_9758 And I debated about whether to get the Sweet & Salty cake…

IMG_9759 I decided that a slice of cake would probably be too much, especially with us attending a wedding that night.  So, I decided to grab one of the Sweet & Salty brownies.  I took it to go to enjoy later in the weekend.  With a few additional snapshots of the bakery, we headed back to the parking garage and back to the hotel to get ready.

IMG_9760      IMG_9766

IMG_9767On Sunday, I did get around to eating the brownie :-)  The description was that it had cocoa, caramel, and sea salt in/on it.   IMG_9778

IMG_9779 I actually was a bit disappointed with the brownie 😦 It wasn’t bad, but it was just fine.  Perhaps I built it up in my mind too much, but it just didn’t meet the sweet & salty combo I was looking for.  Next time, I’m getting that Citrus Cake!



5 Responses to “Re-Baked”

  1. Stacy said

    The citrus cake sounds delish!

  2. Jaclyn said

    Sorry the brownie was a let down 😦 Since it was wrapped like that, goodness knows how long it was sitting there.

    Guess I’ll just need to make you a sweet and salty cake of your own. Betsy and Ari STILL talk about it!

    • Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

      I think you’re right. The sticker on it made it seem like it was actually baked in brooklyn so perhaps a tad old. I’ll hold you to the promise to bake me a cake 🙂

  3. Arielle said

    Best cake I’ve ever had. I hope I am there for its come back!

    • Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

      Assuming that it’s baked in New York and not London or Vegas, I’ll make sure you are 🙂

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