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China Spice at Green Valley Ranch

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 28, 2010

A few weeks ago, when the Husband and I arrived from our cross country move, we stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort for the few nights before our things arrived.  Part of the package we booked included a $50 dining credit on the resort (at the resort owned restaurants), so one night we decided to check one out.  There were a handful of restaurants that sounded interesting but since neither of us had had Chinese in a while, we decided to check out China Spice.


When we were first seated, there was some confusion as the bus boy offered to get us drinks.  We didn’t know he was the bus boy and were unimpressed when he didn’t seem knowledgeable about the beers and wine.  Once we figured out what was going on, we asked for water and our waitress came out a bit later 🙂

IMG_2326 When she arrived, she was WAY more knowledgeable about the drinks.  The Husband ordered a Sapporo and I had a glass of Chardonnay.


Looking through the menu, particularly the sushi section, we found the prices to be a bit expensive.  However, it seems that a lot of the restaurants here are more expensive than we’re used to.  Since we had the credit, though, we decided to get some appetizers with plans to take home leftovers.

After ordering, while we waited, we were brought fried crackers with sweet and sour and hot mustard sauces.  The mustard was born-your-nostrils hot.  Whew!  IMG_2331  We ordered an appetizer sampler to start.  It came with the most popular appetizers we normally see on Chinese menus.  There were vegetable egg rolls, ribs, crab rangoon, and fried won tons.  In general, I thought they were all just fine.  The Husband liked the egg rolls, though.IMG_2338 The Husband and I love sushi (which is huge because when we first got together he was not a fan at all).  We asked our waitress for a recommendation and she suggested the Rainbow Roll.  Again, this was just fine – not bad but not spectacular.  The price was definitely not worth it. 

IMG_2339 (As a side note, it seems that all sushi we’ve found in Las Vegas is crazy expensive.  Any idea why? And anyone know where we can get reasonably priced and good sushi in the area?)

For our entrees, the Husband ordered the General Tao’s Chicken.  The dish was quite large! It was generally pretty good.  A lot better than our appetizers.

IMG_2340 The side of rice..

IMG_2341 I decided to go with the Shrimp Pad Thai.  It was SPICY but oh so good 🙂 I used the Husband’s to cool my mouth off… and then had more of mine.  It was delish as leftovers as well.

IMG_2342 Overall, we were pleased with our entrees, both the flavor and size, for the price.  However, the appetizers and the service were less than stellar.  We rarely saw our waitress even though the restaurant had only two or three other tables.  At one point, we actually saw another table get up to try to find the waitress to get their bill.  I can see us getting take out from China Spice, if that’s an option, but we’ll definitely try other Henderson Chinese restaurants before we come back here.

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2 Responses to “China Spice at Green Valley Ranch”

  1. Leslie said

    Try Sushi Fever on W. Sahara. Reasonable prices and very good!

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