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Paris Buffet Takes the Top Spot

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 4, 2010

Ever since the Husband and I met, and on each trip to Las Vegas prior to moving here, the Husband has proclaimed the Spice Market Buffet as the best buffet in Las Vegas.  Each trip to the city, we would visit it and while the variety was nice, I never LOVED it the way he did.  This week we went back again as part of a birthday celebration for our friend Jeff and a handful of friends and family that came to celebrate this past week.

We decided to sign up for the Buffet of Buffets, 24-hour buffet pass sponsored by Harrah’s.  Tuesday night we headed to the Spice Market buffet.  The food was fine (like our last visit), but the service was quite poor.  After waiting over an hour to be seated (thanks to the popularity of the Buffet of Buffets), they were constantly out of plates and they seemed to be understaffed or our waiter was just bad at his job.  We didn’t get any drink refills and our plates took forever to be cleared.  So very frustrating.

Wednesday night we headed out for an early dinner in order to get it in before our 24 hours was up 🙂 We decided to go to Le Village Buffet at the Paris Hotel, a buffet I’ve wanted to try out for a bit.


As was expected, there was a line, but at 5:30pm, we only needed to wait a half hour or so.


IMG_3095 Inside the “building,” the buffet decor continued the rest of the Paris theme recreating Paris streets (love!).


IMG_3097 The Husband and I sat with his brother and sister-in-law “outside”…

IMG_3098 …while the rest of our group sat “inside” one of the buildings.

IMG_3099 Surveying the buffet, I loved the overall set up.  Each buffet section had a lovely sign with a French theme.

IMG_3100 IMG_3109

IMG_3117 IMG_3118

IMG_3119 IMG_3122

I find that buffets are hard to photograph.  This buffet had a large pasta section (yay!), a large seafood section with amazing sushi, some meats (I didn’t try any) and lots and lots of veggies.  While choosing what to have, I thought that this would be a great buffet for vegetarians.

IMG_3101 IMG_3102

IMG_3103 IMG_3105

IMG_3107 IMG_3108

We each like to get a small spoonful of a number of items – try many, taste a little.  A few pics of some of the plates we had.  As I mentioned before, the sushi was SO good.  Very fresh.  We both liked the smoked gouda and bacon mac n cheese, although it was a tad dry.


The salmon was cooked well and I loved all of the grilled veggies.

IMG_3111 A whole plate of pasta samples.  Heavenly! I don’t normally like pesto, but I enjoyed the Pesto Farfalle. The risotto was actually the worst item I tried and I loved the spinach & cheese ravioli.  It had large pieces of red pepper flakes so it was nice and spicy.

IMG_3112 After my fill of pasta, I headed back out to survey the dessert section.  First there was ice cream (as expected but I loved seeing the cones).


IMG_3114 I believe these were macarons which I saw floating around the blog world a few months ago.  I had one and I believe it had raspberry filling.  The filling was perfectly sweet but the outside wasn’t my favorite texture.  Not having had one before, I don’t have anything to compare it to unfortunately.

IMG_3115 In addition to my macaron, I also decided to get a crepe.  Thus far in Las Vegas, I have NOT enjoyed any crepes I’ve had (I’ve had them at Jean Phillipe and at the Spice Market Buffet).  There was a great assortment of fillings to choose from (apples, bananas, blueberries, and strawberries).  The chef seemed sweet as she made them 🙂



Unfortunately, the picture I took was quite blurry, but the crepe was so good.  The Husband and I added fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce to it.  Yum!


The service was also excellent! Our waitress was always available when we needed her and we never needed our plates cleared or drinks refilled.  The whole group came to a consensus that this buffet has now moved to the top spot on our lists 🙂

Do you have a favorite Las Vegas buffet?

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3 Responses to “Paris Buffet Takes the Top Spot”

  1. Leslie said

    I have enjoyed the seafood buffet at The Rio, but I don’t think it was worth the $. I think we are more “restraunty” people though..buffets just don’t do it for us. I was so jealous seeing you went to Taste of the Nation. I really would have loved to go, but with my husbands schedule we couldn’t make it. It looked amazing! By far out of all the restaurants that were there and we have tried, Roy’s is our favorite. You can NOT beat the service you receive, plus the food is AMAZING! Go to the downtown one though, not the Summerlin restaurant. Enjoying this heat? It’s going to be 108 all weekend and through the week!

    • Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

      We’ll definitely check out the downtown location. Thanks for the suggestion! As for the heat, I’m amazed at how well I’m handling it so far 🙂 I can only imagine what it’s like later in the summer…

  2. Jaclyn said

    Yup, that was a macaron! 2 of my favorite macarons shops in Paris (Pierre Herme and Laduree) have shops in London, so we can grab some when you come visit 😉

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