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Pinball through the ages

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 5, 2010

As we’ve mentioned in a couple of blog posts, we had our first group of friend and family visitors (aside from the Husband’s dad) come to visit us this past week (well technically, they came to celebrate our friend Jeff’s 30th birthday… we were just lucky enough to already live here 🙂 ).  Normally, when we’ve visited Las Vegas in the past, we’ve spent most of the time on the strip though a lot of the group has also been to Hoover Dam before.  Since we have our cars here, we decided to try to entertain our friends with things off the strip that are a bit less touristy (only a bit less).  Using the Husband’s Roadside America iPhone app (which tells us of lesser known tourist attractions in a town), we found out about the Pinball Hall of Fame museum.  It was located near the Liberace Museum which we were also interested in visiting (until we learned it was $15 per person).  So, just to the Pinball Museum we went!

The museum itself is in a non-descript warehouse looking building.  If you didn’t know what to look for, you’d miss it (and of course I didn’t get a picture for you so, good luck!).

According to their website, the Pinball Hall of Fame was created by the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club to house and display the world’s largest pinball collection.  All of the games are fully operable and range from 25 cents to $1.00 per game depending on the age (I think).  There’s no entrance fee and all pinball profits go to local charities.  How cool!?!?!

Upon entering the building, we were immediately in awe of all of the pinball machines.  But first, we bought candy! 🙂


As promised, proceeds support local charities.IMG_3081 On to the pinball machines… I walked up and down the aisles to see what was available.  They had old machines and new ones.  The older ones had index cards providing background on them which was just fascinating.  I personally was most drawn to those from the 50s and 60s!IMG_3083 This one had a stand-up baseball player.  A blower blew a ping pong ball up and you pressed a button to make the batter swing.  A tad on the slow side of course but so cool!

IMG_3084 Lights and chimes!

IMG_3085 Some of them needed to provide us directions.  I definitely found myself in front of a handful of machines that took me a few minutes to figure out.


IMG_3087 In addition to pinball machines, there were some old school and unique general arcade games.  In this skiball game, in addition to trying to get the balls in the slot, there was a target to hit.  If hit, the alien sank (like a dunk tank!).  He even taunted you 🙂

IMG_3088 This pinball machine was for two people.  It rotated angles for each player.  Lots of fun!

IMG_3089 We could have spent hours in the Pinball Hall of Fame, but a bunch of our friends needed to check into the hotel so we had to end at some point.  Before we left though, we enjoyed popcorn from a 1960s popcorn dispenser and I grabbed a Throwback Mountain Dew made with real sugar! I personally can’t stand the taste of HFCS so I love finding sodas with real sugar.  This didn’t disappoint!


In the back of the building, it looked like there was a kid’s birthday party going on.  I don’t know the details of setting one up, but it seemed like a great place to do so.  We will definitely be back with more visitors!

Do you have a favorite pinball or arcade game? I personally fell in love with some baseball pinball games with actual guys that ran around the bases.  It was quite fun!


3 Responses to “Pinball through the ages”

  1. I’ve never been to the Liberace Museum and I never knew the Pinball Museum existed! I’ve really gotta explore some of these quirky things here in Vegas more!

    • Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

      We wouldn’t have found it ourselves if our friend hadn’t gifted us the iPhone app for our cross country move… there are so many crazy and wacky things out there that we never thought existed! Did you like the Liberace Museum?

      • Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said

        Oops, the Husband pointed out that I can’t read 🙂 (you haven’t been to the Liberace Museum). We have friends who’ve gone and loved it so it’s on our to do list!

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