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I love Sushi lives up to its name

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 6, 2010

As we’ve mentioned in a few posts, we’ve been looking for some reasonably priced, good sushi in the Henderson area.  We’ve received some recommendations that we still hope to check out soon, but we made our way to I Love Sushi in Henderson this week for lunch.  We met up with a friend and his wife for an impromptu lunch.  The Husband had been there before with the friend but didn’t blog about it.  I personally forgot my camera but used my trusty iPhone as back up (I apologize in advance for some of the photos).

IMG_0235 Seeing the name, I thought it was quite pretentious of themselves and I was wondering if they could live up to it.  Upon entering the restaurant, we found a very large sushi bar and a good number of tables.  Since it was lunch time, it wasn’t crowded, but it definitely wasn’t empty.


IMG_0237 We took a brief look through the menu but was distracted by catching up with each other.

IMG_0238 I noticed the sushi boat selections – I love when a handful of selections are already made for you in a sushi place as I often have a difficult time choosing.

IMG_0240 There were also lunch specials, but we decided we definitely wanted sushi.

IMG_0241 Under the table glass, there was a sushi a la carte menu.

IMG_0243 We decided as a group to share the Sushi Boat.  Our friends had split the boat for 2 in the past and advised that it was way more than enough food for two and we should get one for the four of us (a boat for 2 that is).

IMG_0244 A boat for two came with two house salads and two bowls of miso soup.  Both were good.


IMG_0246 Since there were only two salads, we ordered two more salads so everyone could have one.  The Husband ordered the seaweed salad.  I had a handful of bites and thought it was amazing.  So very good! Definitely what I’ll order as a salad in the future if given the opportunity.

IMG_0247 Here’s the best photo I could get of the sushi boat.  It was huge! How can they expect only two people to eat this whole thing?!?!

IMG_0249 This plate shows one of each type of piece minus the sushi pieces (fish on top of rice).  The sushi boat included a tuna roll, a California roll, a Spicy Tuna Roll (made differently than others I’ve had but definitely spicy), Philadelphia Roll (great especially after eating the spicy tuna roll as a palate cooler), a Tempura Roll, an Alaska roll, six pieces of sushi (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, and white fish), and nine pieces of sashimi (just fish – Tuna, Yellowtail, and Salmon).


The food was excellent.  I personally didn’t use any soy sauce (something I’ve started doing at sushi restaurants – I don’t want to overpower them with the salty sauce).  It was so very fresh and at room temperature which we all loved (brought out the flavors more than cold sushi).  The boat was a bit expensive for two people (about $60) but for four people including some pieces left over to take home.  If you haven’t been here yet, we definitely recommend it!

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One Response to “I love Sushi lives up to its name”

  1. eatingRD said

    We’ve actually been looking for a reasonable sushi place here too! We used to live in Reno where good ‘all you can eat’ sushi was only $15. Sure miss those days. I haven’t really been to sushi since coming back to Vegas because it’s pretty pricey. I think Chris tried a place called sushi-mon and liked it too. Thanks for the rec!

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