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Posts Tagged ‘Albuquerque’

Nativo Lodge

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 9, 2010

For those of you who have been following our cross country move recap, you know that we tried to stay in unique hotels along the way.  Using the Preferred Hotel Group’s Sterling Hotel selection, we found the Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque.  This boutique hotel combines Native American influences with cultural aspects of the Albuquerque area.


As we pulled into the parking lot, we immediately began to notice the unique touches of culture at this hotel.



Check in was smooth and we headed to our room to drop off our stuff and freshen up.  Like many of the other hotels this week, the room was quite spacious.



IMG_2879 The bed was super soft and comfortable.  We had a great night’s sleep, which was particularly important with our unexpected sleep in the car the next night 🙂

Each room appeared to have a balcony, and a large one at that.

IMG_2880 The bathroom had a large counter and sink outside and the requisite toilet and shower on the inside 🙂


They had Aveda bath products! I’m a huge Aveda fan 🙂 I actually immediately put the products in my bag so I could use them at a later time.  Yep, I love Aveda.IMG_2882 Unfortunately, we weren’t at the hotel long enough to enjoy any of the amenities, but we enjoyed our stay overall.  For the price and quality, the next time we’re in Albuquerque we will  likely stay here again.

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Marble Brewery

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 8, 2010

After dinner at Sadie’s, we decided to take our waiter’s recommendation to check out Marble Brewery in downtown Albuquerque.  It took us a bit longer to find the place than we expected as the streets in the area are one way streets in some places and a road might have split.  As we got closer to what we thought was the right area, it seemed a bit darker than our comfort level.  However, when we pulled into the parking lot, we saw lots of cars and figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

IMG_2903Upon entry, we saw a number of tables and booths and a nice long bar.  There were two seats available at the closest end of the bar so we headed to them to have a seat.



One of the bartenders handed us a menu and we began checking out our options. IMG_2904 IMG_2905 There was a good selection to choose from (the names were also on a chalkboard over the taps).


While the menu didn’t specifically have a sampler option, they had 5oz beers as an option for $1.50 each.  The Husband and I decided to order five to try and share.  (I’ve provided two different photos to try to show how they look in different lighting as some look better in one light than the other.)


IMG_2909 From left to right, we had the One-Eleven Blonde, the Wildflower Wheat, the Amber Ale, the Marble Red, and the Porter.  Below are descriptions of them from the menu.

One-Eleven Blonde: A light and crisp traditional German-style Pilsner brewed with German malt and hops.

Wildflower Wheat: An unfiltered American Wheat Ale accented with New Mexico wildflower honey.

Amber Ale: Brewed with a blend of toasted and caramel malts for a rich malt character which we then finish with a light, aromatic dry hop.

Marble Red: Brewed with caramel malts and balanced with a bright blend of Crystal, Cascade, and Simcoe hops.

Porter: English style dark ale with an aroma reminiscent of Hershey’s chocolate milk.

These beers were EXCELLENT! While some of the different styles are not those that the Husband and I prefer, the Husband described them as excellent examples of their individual style.  The only one the Husband didn’t particularly care for was the Marble Red, but that’s just because he’s not a Red fan.  He thought it was an excellent Red, though.  My favorites were the One-Eleven Blonde, the Wildflower Wheat, and the Porter, but particularly the Porter.

While we didn’t stay long, just wanted to sample the beers, we were happy with the service and the overall atmosphere.  It seemed like a chill place to hang out – not too dark but not too trendy.


At the bar, we were sitting across from what I think was the panini maker.  While we didn’t have any food, it smelled amazing!     The Marble Brewery appeared to have a beer club, which I could see us joining if we lived anywhere near Albuquerque.IMG_2918

The Husband looked online to see if they distribute any where where we might get to have it again.  Unfortunately, they don’t, but we know that if ever see it on the menu or we find ourselves back in Albuquerque, we will likely order one of these brews again.

Marble Brewery on Urbanspoon

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Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on May 2, 2010

We were almost ready to leave Albuquerque, but we needed something to eat before we got on the road.  Before we left New Mexico, I was hoping for some more New Mexican cuisine.  Amanda suggested we try ANOTHER of our reader Kylie’s recommendations and try Padilla’s for lunch before heading on our way. 

We popped over to Padilla’s, it wasn’t far from the hotel, and had a small lunch. 

IMG_2936Padilla’s tastes exactly like the outside suggests.  The food has as much character as the strip mall it resides in.  We were hoping to get in and out early enough to avoid any rush.  We were there before 11:30, but we certainly didn’t miss the rush.

IMG_2930The place was packed, and there was a line.  We didn’t have to wait, because they had a small table for two tucked in a back corner, but there were two tables of three in front of us.  We knew we had stumbled onto something special at that point, albeit with a little guidance.

IMG_2924 We looked over the menu, and ordered a couple lunch items. 

IMG_2925Our waiter was so on top of things.  We had drinks in seconds, and never waited for refills.  He provided recommendations on what to get.  He gave us chips and salsa.  He was so fast, that we missed his name, but he was cheery and friendly and efficient.  IMG_2931The salsa was good, but the salsa was outstanding.  I don’t think it was fresh, but it was really well-seasoned with chiles.  For my lunch, I ordered a couple of enchiladas a la carte with one fried egg on top.

IMG_2933The Wife ordered tacos.  I’m so proud of the Wife.  When we first met, she couldn’t eat anything with any real spice.  Now, while she still has a spice barrier, she can eat SO much more, and enjoys well-flavored spicy foods.  As she finished her tacos, she even used the rest of the salsa on her rice and beans.  

IMG_2932Everything came with sopaipillas, which are just so tasty.  Why they aren’t part of a more mainstream cuisine is beyond me.

IMG_2934The food was incredible.  I love green chiles, and there’s no doubt they are a huge part of New Mexican cuisine, but I’m really beginning to think its more than that.  I can’t put my finger on it, but between Padilla’s, and Sadie’s and Anita’s in D.C., the food is just exquisite. 

Hopefully we’ll find some kind of New Mexican food in Vegas, once we get there.

Padilla's Mexican Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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