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Posts Tagged ‘Austria’

An International Concert in Vienna

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 28, 2009

After our relaxing cruise down the Danube through the Wachau Valley, we finally arrived in Vienna.  We all enjoyed an earlier dinner and then boarded buses to head into the city for a concert!  The concert was hosted in the Kursalon Wien and led by the Sound of Vienna.


The room was the size of a ballroom with lots and lots of rows of chairs.  It was clear that it was a tourist group attraction as there were many groups of 50+ people in them from all around the world.  When the host welcomed everyone at the beginning, he did so in many languages 🙂

Since Johann Strauss used to conduct his own concerts right in this building, the focus of the concert was his music.  Some of it we recognized and some of it we didn’t.  Along with the music, we also had dancers.






We were very impressed with all of the musicians and dancers.  They were all very talented!  While I noted that this concert appeared to have many, many tour groups, it looks as though individuals can purchase tickets to attend the shows as well.  If you find yourself in Vienna, looking for something to do one night, consider attending this concert 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy it… (as long as you like classical music!)

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The Wachau Valley

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 27, 2009

After leaving the town of Melk, we spent the rest of the day cruising down the Danube enjoying views of the Wachau Valley.  While foggy and raining, it was still quite beautiful.





Here’s one of the boats that I mentioned in an earlier post that pretty much had the same itinerary as us.  We saw them at most ports and would be parked next to them once we got to Vienna.







After dinner, we would arrive in Vienna!

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The Town of Melk

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 26, 2009

After touring the Abbey in Melk, Austria, we headed into the town to take a look around.  Melk was the only port on the river cruise that didn’t have that day’s English language newspapers so that gave us a certain idea of what it would be like when we walked around.

It was too cute!  It was a very small town and still quite early in the morning so nearly nothing was open.  The Husband and I stopped to look at real estate listings in one window and could envision living here! If only we had a reason to live in a quaint little town in Austria 🙂




As you can see, the Abbey is a huge part of the town that you can see from many different areas.


After an hour or so, we headed back to the bus in order to head back to the boat.


We continued down the Danube toward our final destination on the cruise: Vienna! We enjoyed beautiful views of the Wachau Valley and the numerous locks along the way…

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A Beautiful Abbey in Melk

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on August 25, 2009

So where did I leave off on the river cruise? Oh, Day 5 – one of our favorite sites – the Abbey in Melk, Austria 🙂  This place was beautiful!

From the port, we took buses to the Abbey.



We toured the grounds and learned the history of the town and the abbey.





We then headed inside and toured many of the rooms (too many to see them all!).


I couldn’t capture it well in this photo but the ceilings were really cool.  While they were flat, the techniques used made them look deeper and curved.


In order to get from one part of the abbey to another, on an upper level, we had to go outside for a short bit.  From there, we could see the school that they used to (maybe still do) run for the kids in the town.


Facing the other direction, there was a courtyard prior to entering my favorite part of the abbey…



The library!!!!


The photos here couldn’t have a flash – some of the texts were very old and there were no lights other than through the windows in this space.



After the library, we headed down to the chapel.  As we would see again when we got to Rome, this had lots and lots of decadence.


This photo was a coffin with actual bones in it.  If I recall correctly, at one point in Austrian history (or history of the Catholic church), the people wanted to pray to actual people or believed that the bones were actually the saint they thought they were praying to.  Perhaps one of you knows the history better? 🙂




One of our friends on the cruise LOVES organs so we were sure to check out the enormous one here in this chapel.


On the way to the gift store, we found this very large grandfather clock.  The Husband is a huge fan of clocks so we made sure to take a picture 🙂


After perusing the gift store, we headed into town to take a look around before heading back to the boat.

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