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Posts Tagged ‘Columbus’

The Original Brio

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on October 31, 2009

Sorry we go through periods of lots of posting and then zero posting! I’ve just made it over the hump of the mid-semester and between work and and school, there’s no time for blogging 😦 But only a few more weeks until I have my masters! 😀

So, back to Columbus… After spending more time with family, we were craving some Italian food for dinner.  Thinking about our options, we decided to head back to Easton because there’s just so much to choose from there!  For those of you that don’t know, Columbus is a test-bed for new restaurants in the U.S.  A lot of chains are started there (or fail there), and according to the Easton website, Brio is one of those restaurants.  Being fans, we knew it was the right choice for dinner that night…



We started out with iced teas and bread.  I love Brio’s bread and that they give you real butter.  Yum!


The Husband’s cousin had lasagne at her house while we were visiting and I knew that it was exactly what I was going to order! I used to think of myself as Garfield for how much I loved lasagne growing up 🙂 This lasagne was HUGE! I made sure to get something to scale it with – in the top left corner is my glass of iced tea.  I liked that they used a classic bolognese sauce in the lasagne (with carrots!) but would have preferred just a tomato sauce on top instead of both a tomato and white sauce.  Of course I had leftovers to take home (and thus take on the plane the next morning)…


Almost anytime a restaurant offers a side of asparagus, the Husband and I like to order it.  This side did not dissapoint!


The Husband went with the steak salad and was happy with his choice.  I shared some of my lasagne with him as well 🙂


If you live near a Brio and haven’t tried it yet, we recommend that you do.  Whether you’re looking for something light or heavy, there are many great options to choose from!

Brio Tuscan Grille (Easton) on Urbanspoon

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Lunch and Shopping in Columbus

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on October 26, 2009

Recently, it seems that the Husband and I have been seeing a lot of this…


Last weekend was no different.  The Tuesday before, I got my weekly USAirways E-Savers email alerting me of weekend specials.  We’d been talking about going to Columbus, OH for months to visit the Husband’s grandfathers and extended family and USAirways gave us a deal we couldn’t turn down.  We flew in early Saturday morning and left crazy early Monday morning (5:20am flight! It’s what you do though for cheap fares… 🙂 )

After spending all day Saturday with family, we spent Sunday lounging and decided to head to Easton, a fun shopping and dining area in Columbus.  I checked out the restaurants online to try to determine where to eat and decided on Bar Louie, specifically because they had mac n cheese on their menu 😉 It helped that they had TVs so that we could get in some football viewing while away from home.



We chose a table in the bar area with a perfect view of the Redskins game.  Too bad no views of those games this year are actually good 😦


Lots of places to sit…



And beers to choose from… (this was only half of the taps!)


The Husband went with a Great Lakes Burning River Ale while I got the “beer” special, a Woodchuck.  Yum!


The Husband bonded with the waitress when he mentioned he had had a Great Lakes beer during one of his recent trips to Pittsburgh.  It got us on the topic of Pittsburgh and her upcoming move.  She recommended that when he goes back (or we if I ever go!), that he should check out the Sharp EdgeAny one ever been?

Since it was the reason I chose this place, I went with the Mac N Cheese.  It was listed as a four cheese mixture, baked to a golden brown… clearly not baked which disappointed us.  (You know the Husband ordered one too!)


It was still good though… and we loved that it had cavatappi! Our favorite pasta!

After a lot more football watching, I decided to get an order of tater tots.  They were perfect! Hot, crispy on the outside, potato-ey on the inside.  Lots for cheapt!


In about the 4th quarter, the bartender changed the channel on our tv twice which really annoyed us (especially after the first time when he was told that we were actually watching that specific tv).  There were plenty of tvs to go around to show many of the games.  After the second time, we gave up (the Redskins weren’t going to win anyway) and we decided to head out for a walk around the town center.

Easton is like a mini village with tree lined streets… shops…






us taking photos of people taking photos… 🙂


and restaurants.  We went to Bon Vie for lunch the last time we were in Columbus and were quite impressed!


We also walked along the inside of the mall (there’s both a mall and outdoor stores).  I loved the high ceilings and almost the old time train station feel…



We enjoyed our walk around and did a little bit of shopping before heading out to more family get-togethers.  🙂

Bar Louie on Urbanspoon

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