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Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on December 6, 2009

From the previous post, I will take the hint that I need to get on the ball and get some of the outstanding posts out!  Sorry!  =)

While we were in Disney, we stayed at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. It’s attached to the Boardwalk Inn, but is a series of timeshares with some additional amenities.   During our honeymoon, we stayed at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and loved the location, which is right across a small waterway, directly adjacent to Epcot.  My brother had recommended the Boardwalk after taking his wife there for HER 30th birthday, so we thought we’d give it a try.  Here’s a view of the Yacht Club and Beach Club from our hotel room.

Really, the selection of the hotel was location, location, location.  Being within walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios, and having the immediate restaurants and entertainment of the Boardwalk right there, makes it a great location.  Staying on the resort is expensive, though, and the convenience all comes at a monetary cost.

Once we were checked in by a young man who couldn’t keep his eyes off my wife’s wedding/engagement ring (or at least, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt about him staring at her ring), we headed to the room, where we were greeted by this little guy.

Our room was nice.  It had all the amenities you would expect from a normal hotel room, including the benefit of a fold-out couch.

It would have been nice if this area had a double vanity.  It was certainly large enough.

The bathroom was actually a little cramped.

There was also a small kitchenette.  We were hoping for a little larger kitchen with a stove and oven.  Actually, we EXPECTED a stove and oven.  Some of the larger rooms have them.  We were disappointed when we saw it was just a kitchenette, but after looking at the Disney website, it was pretty clear that the studios only have a kitchenette.  We looked into upgrading our room, but there was no vacancy!  So we had to “rough it” with just the kitchenette.

Actually, the reason we were looking for a full kitchen, was that we were ordering Thanksgiving dinner from the local Whole Foods, since I didn’t make reservations for any restaurant early enough.  Evidently, DisneyWorld books up nearly two months in advance of Thanksgiving.  We were hoping to be able to have dinner with my parents on Thanksgiving at the room, watch some football, and just bump over to the parks to begin enjoying the evening, and getting in a nice after-gorging stroll.  Since we didn’t have enough space, or the appropriate amenities, we had dinner with my parents at their room off the resort, which did have a comprehensive kitchen.

Our room also had a small but nice balcony, which had views of the water (see above) and Epcot.

After the first couple days at the hotel, they decorated the lobby in the spirit of the Holidays.   I apologize for the white balance.

The hotel was nice, and I would certainly consider keeping it on the list for future travel.  I would also strongly consider staying at the Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Yacht Club resorts, though, and depending on the price, wouldn’t be particularly loyal to the Boardwalk Villas.

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Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on November 24, 2009

Due to us traveling with such a large group (up to 13 on some days), we decided to get reservations for our sit down meals while at Disney.  Having  a large group, we found that it was easiest to get reservations at our top choices during the lunch hour, so on Sunday we had our first sit down lunch at the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room in the United Kingdom portion of Epcot.

We learned that the Rose & Crown is the only full service bar in all of Epcot.  While the other countries serve drinks and you can get them at outdoor stands, the only full bar is found here.  There is an indoor pub and then the check in for the dining room is outside.

We checked  in a few minutes early so they gave us a buzzer while they set up our table outside (it was a perfect day for an outdoor lunch!)

They didn’t lie.  The drink menu had everything from beer to wine to scotch and whiskey.

Being beer drinkers, we of course went with beers 🙂 From left to right (in the front) the beer drinkers had a Half & Half, a Boddingtons, and a Bass.  My dad also tried the Woodpecker Sweet English Cider.

Using the dining plan again, the Husband and I steered clear of any appetizers. My sister had a mixed greens salad which she enjoyed.

Her husband got the butter poached shrimp over barley risotto.  They loved this one!

My mom tried the potato leek soup and very much enjoyed her selection as well.

Then came the entrees!  My sister and I decided to share our dishes.  I ordered the Chicken & Mushroom Ragout (the Husband had this also).  It had grilled chicken, mushrooms, and peas in a gravy under a puff pastry.

My sister ordered the vegetable shepherd’s pie.  She ended up deciding she didn’t want either so I grabbed this up as it was AMAZING!  The shepherd’s pie had mushrooms, corn, asparagus, and spinach in a gravy under cheddar mashed potatoes.  On the side was mixed greens a huge grilled portabella mushroom.  This dish was so very good!

My family has gotten into our blogging and often offers to have their dishes photographed.  My brother went with the fish & chips

My dad had the bangars & mash

And my mom had the Cottage Pie (what I would consider a traditional shepherd’s pie).

Then, due to the dining plan, we went with dessert! I think the rest of the family was jealous that we had dessert the night before so a bunch of them ordered something to split.

Our friend Jeff went with the Bakewell Tart.

I had the Fruit Trifle.  It was listed as “no sugar added” and it was wonderful! No artificial sweeteners which is often the case with “no sugar added” items but my dad highly recommended it as his friends in England make it for him when he visits.  It was a great recommendation, especially since strawberries are one of my favorite fruits.

My parents went with the Sticky Toffee Pudding per recommendation from our waitress (who was from Ireland).

And then the Husband had the chocolate cake.  Since he’s wearing Disney’s “It’s my Birthday” pin, he also got a birthday card from the staff 🙂

All in all, this was a great choice! As we have experienced thus far, Disney has great food and great service! We can’t wait for our future reservations this week 🙂

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Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on November 23, 2009

Hi all! The Wife here 🙂 Our Disney vacation for the Husband’s big 3-0 and Thanksgiving has gone wonderfully so far! All of our friends and family traveling with us have arrived and we’ve been having great weather  except for a bit of rain here and there on Sunday (with some more predicted for today).  That’s okay though because we’re at Disney World!

So, on to our eats 🙂 Saturday night, the Husband and I invited all in town to one of our favorite casual restaurants very close to our resort – the Big River Grille & Brewing Works.  With both good food and good microbrews, we thought this was a good choice to kick off our Disney vacation.

We’re staying at the Boardwalk Villas (review to come!) which is located on the resort just near Epcot.  It’s located, as one would expect, on a boardwalk reminiscent of the Jersey shore from years ago.  This restaurant is located directly on the Boardwalk facing a lake/river on which all of the hotels in this area are located.

There were 9 of us so we were seated at two adjacent tables on the boardwalk overlooking the water.  The weather was great, low humidity, upper 70s, so we enjoyed spending the early evening outside.

While reviewing the menu, our waiter came to take our drink orders.

They have a good selection of microbrews and currently have two seasonal options, Pumpkin Spice and a Winter Cask Ale, in addition to their year round selections.

I decided to go with the Pumpkin Spice (as I didn’t have my fill during the short pumpkin ale season!) while our friend Jeff went with the Steamboat Pale Ale (their most popular).

Wow! The Pumpkin Spice was amazing! It’s name fit it well as it had strong scents and flavor of the various spices used in pumpkin drinks and desserts.  As I twittered (follow us – @hungrywanderers), this was perhaps the best Pumpkin beer I’ve ever had.  I wish they bottled it and sold it in Charlotte! 🙂 Jeff was pleased with his selection as well.

The Husband went with the beer sampler which is a great way to try a little bit of everything (all of their beers are included in this).

I tasted his Winter Cask Ale (front right).  This was also incredibly good and we highly recommend it (as does my brother in law)!

After getting settled with our drinks, we moved on to our eats.  The Husband and I are on the Disney Dining Plan so when we go to sit-down restaurants, we have an entree (any one on the menu) and a dessert (any on the menu) included in what we’ve already paid for the vacation.  As such, we tend to steer clear of appetizers as we already have a lot of food coming our way.  The rest of my family, however, is not on the plan (it’s only available to those staying at a resort hotel), so my dad ordered the beer cheese soup.  He enjoyed it so I would likely order it some time when not on the dining plan.

After enjoying a lot of catching up, our entrees arrived and we all dug in.  The Husband ordered the Chicken Marinara which includes penne, grilled chicken, marinara, grilled veggies, and some cheese on top.  As he remembered from our last visit, it was tasty.

For my selection, I went with the Atlantic Salmon.  It was grilled with dill butter and came with garlic mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas.  I ate the whole thing 🙂

Other entrees at the table were the burger, beef nachos, and additional orders of salmon and chicken marinara.  Not an unhappy customer at our tables!

On to the desserts!  Here there were two options – chocolate cake and cheesecake.  The Husband and I each ordered our favorites…

Chocolate cake for the Husband

And cheesecake for me 🙂

Yum! A great way to start off our week of Disney eats…


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We’ve made it to DisneyWorld!!!

Posted by gingerbreadpirate on November 22, 2009

After a reasonably easy flight, and short trip on Disney’s Magical Express, we’re here!   Check out the room from our hotel room balcony!

We can even see EPCOT from our room!  See the little white nob over the corner of the hotel?!?  It’s like we’re right there!!

Last night, we walked around EPCOT and then headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  They have the castle all decked out for the holiday season.  It was gorgeous.

So, we’re hoping to have blog posts throughout the week about where we went, what we did, etc.  We DO have internet access ($9.99/day, unfortunately).  We’re also going to try to get the rest of the Atlanta posts up while we’re here… we’ll see if we get to that.  I have to say that blogging really is a nice, relaxing thing to do in the mornings!

We hope everyone is having safe, efficient travels to their Thanksgiving destinations.  Right now, my parents are stuck in Atlanta with airline problems.  Evidently, they only had 35 minutes for their connection, which they were assured was plenty of time by Airtran (30 minutes was quoted as the company policy for Atlanta transfers), and yet they missed their connection after 25 minutes in the landing pattern.  Hopefully, they’ll get in today.

We’ll end with a couple more pictures.

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