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Exploring our curiosity for In N Out

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on June 8, 2010

Since arriving in Las Vegas, the Husband and I have wondered what all the hubbub is about with In-N-Out Burger.  We’d heard from all sorts of friends and acquaintances from the west coast that it’s the “best burger” in the world (or at least the fast food world) and that they crave it when they can’t have one.  When they come home, it’s one of their top to do items while in the area.  Well, to us that sounded like a lot of hype that we needed to check out.  When our friends and family were in town last week, they also wanted to see what all the rave was about so we decided to get a quick meal before heading out to Red Rock Canyon for a hike.  What better way to fuel a hike than a burger? 😉


Using our trusty Google Maps, we determined which location was the quickest from the house (the one near Galleria and Costco on Sunset) and made our way there.  It was a beautiful day and the place was crowded.  Being as sunny as Las Vegas normally is, we decided to sit inside to avoid anyone getting sunburned while we ate.



The basic menu is quite simple.  We also heard from friends that there’s a “secret” menu which you can actually find easily online.  The Husband and I each got a Cheeseburger, an order of fries to share, and a grilled cheese (from the secret menu) for the Husband.  The burgers come with lettuce, tomatoes, and “special sauce” and come with the option for onions.  The grilled cheese is essentially the cheeseburger without a burger.


Verdict? We’re not sure what all the hubbub is about.  It tasted fresh and we generally liked the addition of lettuce and tomato (though truthfully I prefer my cheeseburgers to be meat, cheese, and bun… anything else hides the flavor of the basics).  I was impressed with the fact that the special sauce was on a separate bun from the cheese.  A pet peeve of mine when it comes to cheeseburgers is when condiments (which I generally don’t want) are ON the cheese – totally ruins the cheese! (Who knew someone could have such strong feelings on cheeseburger composition?!?!) 

With the grilled cheese turning out to be a cheeseburger without meat, the Husband was a bit less impressed there as well.  We liked the fries, but didn’t love them – that might be because we’re so used to traditional fast food fries.

I enjoyed the packaging of the food.  The fry holder had all sorts of fun facts about In-N-Out Burger.

IMG_2371 At the end of our meal, our friend Michelle decided to get a milkshake which in turn enticed the Husband’s sister-in-law and myself to do the same 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I had a milkshake! They had the basic flavor options and while I would normally go with strawberry when given the chance, I went with chocolate.  It was good, but actually slightly too thick for my taste.IMG_2372

Overall, we enjoyed our first In-N-Out Burger experience but don’t feel it was anything to rave about.  While it tasted fresher than McDonalds, Burger King, etc., it doesn’t stand up to Five Guys in our books 🙂 I don’t imagine we’ll be back any time soon, if ever.  However, if you’ve never been to one, it’s worth checking out.  The service, at least at this location, was great.  The staff was all very friendly and the food came out in a relative manner to the crowdedness of the place.  I’m glad we’ve checked this off of our to-do list!

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Maca’s, McCafe, McDonalds

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 11, 2010

When discussing all of the menu options to expect and try during our stay here in Australia, one of the places the Husband’s brother insisted we try is McDonalds.  Now normally, I would generally not consider having “American” food while traveling overseas – I would much rather eat the ethnic foods of the area.  However, he insisted we try it to taste the differences between Australian McDonalds (or Maca’s as they call it – lots of slang here) and our American version.

We wanted to be able to taste it while in the Sydney area in order to have the experience with Jeff (the Husband’s brother) so when planning our drive to Hunter Valley (the closest wine country to Sydney), I suggested we get McDonalds for lunch.  As generally expected, they are everywhere, just like at home.  We decided to drive a bit and we pulled off at a highway rest stop to see what the talk was all about.


One of the unique things I’d noticed about the McDonalds in downtown Sydney was that many of them had a McCafe sign similar to the one above.  At home, all this has referred to is the coffee they now sell (if I understand correctly).  Well, in Australian McDonalds, there’s actually another counter specifically called McCafe.  I didn’t notice it at first, once inside, but did once we sat to eat our lunch.  There was a counter, right next to the normal counter, serving pastries, desserts, coffees, and cappuccinos.


For my lunch, I decided to order the main items I would normally get at McDonalds at home (all of these together would be eaten on my more hungry days).  I ordered a Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap and a plain Cheeseburger Happy Meal.


First, I loved that they have actual boxes for the happy meals.  I don’t quite remember when American McDonalds completely stopped doing this, but I miss them!  Overall, the food tasted better in our Australian McDonalds.   Unfortunately, the cashier couldn’t understand what I meant when I said I wanted a plain cheeseburger (even after explaining that I wanted meat, cheese, and a bun).  Once I scrapped off as much ketchup mustard, pickles, and onions that I could (so pretty much the top bun and about half of the cheese), I really got to taste the flavor of the meat and cheese.  More flavor and the cheese was creamier.  Definitely a better choice than the American one.

As for the fries, I think they tasted generally the same – perhaps a little less greasy than the American version.

In regards to the Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap, the Australian version had a crispy chicken finger, lettuce, and what I think was mayonnaise in a flour tortilla.  The American version is preferred here which has cheese and ranch instead of mayo.  It wasn’t bad though.

Just asking the Husband right now what he thought, and he very much agreed with the meat and cheese analysis.  More flavorful and creamier respectively – definitely better than the American version.

Now back to our originally planned food consumption – as un-American as possible 🙂

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