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Tyber Creek Pub

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on May 11, 2010

*Note* I wrote this post before we moved but wanted to try to post the move posts as we went along.  While I wait for the SD card to get back here, you’ll see some older, unpublished Charlotte posts to fill your time.  Enjoy! 🙂

Nearly every time we drive through South End, heading north on South Blvd, the Husband smiles as he passes Tyber Creek Pub.  We first checked this pub out way back in the beginning of our time in Charlotte, well before we started the blog, and we didn’t make it back often enough for the Husband.  When we were trying to decide on a place to go with friends on one of our last night’s in Charlotte, he suggested we head here so we could finally get it on the blog.


Tyber Creek Pub is known for its $2 Guinness Draughts – all day, every day.  Not being big Guinness drinkers, we’ve never really benefited from it, but we have been able to enjoy their beer list from time to time.


During this visit, they were out of the Sweetwater 420 (one of the Husband’s faves) so he had a Sierra Nevada and later into the evening a Bad Penny.  I stuck to water this time around.



Tyber Creek Pub is situated on a corner on South Blvd, hidden a bit down a hill and behind some trees.  They have a decent sized patio out front and it’s relatively quiet even though it’s near the street.  There’s an outdoor bar, but we haven’t been there often enough to see it actually functioning (I assume there’s a bartender outside from time to time).


The menu itself is small but sufficient for a pub.  There’s a page of tasty pub appetizers and I don’t recall disliking any of them.

IMG_2217 Inside the menu, you can select from sandwiches, pizza, and salads.

IMG_2218After enjoying good company, the group decided that they were starting to get hungry (me in particular without beer to distract me).  I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla to start and shared it with the Husband.  We were actually quite impressed with how good this was! Something about the cheese was quite wonderful.IMG_2221 When we planned this outing, there was no doubt about what the Husband would want to order – the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  It has spicy marinara, cheese, buffalo chicken, and a ranch sauce.  This pizza is fabulous – one we’ll definitely miss.

IMG_2222 Look how tasty that looks 🙂IMG_2223 From our handful of times dining here, I don’t think there’s anything we don’t recommend.  If you’re looking for a pub with pretty good pub food (especially if you like Guinness), we recommend Tyber Creek Pub!

Tyber Creek Pub on Urbanspoon

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Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 26, 2010

Leaving Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road, we took a more direct route on Tuesday back through Melbourne and south into Mornington Peninsula.  Our next hotel was scheduled for Mornington, near the northern end of the Mornington Peninsula.  We had a room reserved at the Brooklands of Mornington, a Best Western hotel a few blocks off of the Main Street of Mornington.  We checked in, dropped our bags in our room (nice as the other hotels but we failed to take any photos), and headed out to explore.

We drove over, not realizing how close we were to town (we walked over again later in the day), parked and hopped out to enjoy the beautiful day.  We admired the small town feel (which we’ve grown to really love here) and headed over to the water.



We walked through a park on the way to the water. IMG_7073

Brick gates welcomed us to both ends of the park. IMG_7076

Australia is keen on conservation and we found this sign – the first of its kind on our trip.  IMG_7078

We found steps to the top of a hill overlooking the water.IMG_7079

A quick look down we believe we saw a scuba diving class (or perhaps a group of friends).  It’s fun to see locals enjoy being able to go in the water after our experience in Queensland with the warning after warning of jellyfish.  We’ve even been able to step our toes in (though the water’s VERY cold) from time to time along the southern coast.



At the point we were admiring the water, there was also a boat harbor. IMG_7090


After enjoying the view, we headed the few blocks back into town and decided to get some tea.  We walked past a few cafes and decided on Banjo’s.  It had a picture of hot cross buns on the windows and commercials for them on the tv throughout out vacation (perhaps they’re something popular around Easter?) convinced me I wanted to try one.  I got a chocolate one (the choice was chocolate or fruit) and it was a nice treat with my tea!


We enjoyed our tea and read our books (or Kindle – I’m reading the Twilight series and LOVE having such a small device instead the super large books to lug around).


The Husband discovered that they had free wi-fi! So we updated our iPhones with email and app updates before decided to head back to the hotel to get our laptops to blog.  By the time we finally made it back, however, the cafes were closed for the evening :-(  Instead we walked over to Coles, one of Australia’s grocery stores, and bought some Vegemite to take home with us!  We also quickly perused the bottle shop (liquor store attached) and were amazed at the prices.  So expensive!

As we walked around, we built up an appetite for dinner.  There were a small handful of places to choose from, but not many.  We found La Porchetta, a pizza and pasta place with lots of outdoor seating.



We looked through the menu outside and the Husband headed back inside to place our order.  We decided to share three appetizer (entree) portions.

IMG_2286 We started with the usual bottle of water, a diet coke, and a lemon, lime & bitters.  I learned I really liked this refreshing drink (like Sprite and 7-up, but not quite) while at Bundaberg and was pleased to see it on the menu (it looked like they made it fresh).

IMG_2287   We started with a garlic & cheese bread.  It was gooey and doughy – just right!


Next up, we shared two appetizer portions of pasta.  You could mix and match pastas with sauces.  We’ve been loving gnocchi in Australia so that was a given pasta choice.  We matched it with their marinara sauce which includes a mixture of fresh seafood.  A great choice! IMG_2291

Our other pasta was the cheese ravioli with a chicken and mushroom sauce.  Also a good choice! IMG_2292

We only made it through half of each dish and asked for a Take Away box to enjoy leftover during our drive the next day to Swan Reach.  Throughout our dinner, while we enjoyed being outdoors, we were distracted by seagulls who decided they wanted our food.  They gathered on the light pools and rooftops surrounding us, calling to their friends to join.  Luckily, none of them decided to get close while we sat there and we took our dishes in as soon as we put the leftovers away!

The next morning, breakfast wasn’t included in our hotel package so we decided to head back into town to one of the cafes for breakfast. We headed to Cafe 96 which was next to Banjo’s (where we had tea the day before).


We each started with coffees (long black for the Husband and cappuccino for me).  We were excited to see that they came with cookies on the side 🙂IMG_2296

The Husband was eyeing the muffins for breakfast and asked the server what she recommended.  She suggested a White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffin which sounded appealing to the Husband.  It was a good choice!


I planned on having toast with butter and vegemite (I wasn’t sure if I needed to explicitly ask for butter – apparently I didn’t as there was already some on the bread so the dish was left filled with the butter).  I also ordered a side of hash browns. IMG_2298

As a side note, I’ve noticed that different cafes seem to be “sponsored” by different coffee brands.  For example, this cafe had Grinders Coffee.   IMG_2299

The cups and saucers were Grinders. IMG_2300 As was the sugar (and assumedly the coffee!).


After breakfast, we explored the town a bit more.  On our way into town, the Welcome to Mornington sign mentioned that they were “Home of the Wednesday Market.”  We had no idea what that meant until that morning.  Seeing tents everywhere helped us realize that it was Wednesday 🙂 It was like a Farmers/Craft market lining both side of Main Street. IMG_2302


We didn’t buy anything but enjoyed seeing this quaint town quality.

After we were done in Mornington, we made a slight detour north before heading out east to Swan Reach.  The Husband’s brother had mentioned that there was a U.S. Import store in Melbourne and he need Q-Tips 🙂 We offered to head there while we were in the area.  It’s actually closed on Tuesdays which is when we would have originally passed it so we made the short detour there on Wednesday morning.   We found it in a semi-industrial area, parked the car, and headed on in.IMG_2304  Unfortunately they didn’t have any current stock of Q-Tips but we were fascinated with what they DID have :-)  There were multiple options of hot sauces (we’ve definitely noticed that there’s not a lot of spicy food here).  There were cake mixes, canned pumpkin, and American soda.  This included Original Dr. Pepper which we’ve only ever seen when we were in Dallas!  We grabbed the Husband’s brother some hot sauce, grilling seasoning, the Original Dr. Pepper, and a Twinkie for good measure! After our short detour, we were back on the road to our next destination: Swan Reach.

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Port Campbell

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 25, 2010

At the end of our journey on the Great Ocean Road, we made it to our final destination west: Port Campbell.  Port Campbell is quite close to the 12 Apostles and assumedly is a good rest stop for those who make it to the 12 Apostles at the end of the day.  We had reservations at Waves Port Campbell and with the help of our trusty GPS we found our way there. 


There was a bit of confusion when we arrived, both for us and another guest who had just arrived.  While we saw the sign for the suites, it was actually the restaurant of the same name that caught our eye on the corner.  There was driveway we drove down that appeared to end at the lodging establishment but the door to enter was locked.  The three of us (the Husband and I and the other guest) ventured back out on to the street and saw a sign for Reception but that door was locked as well.  We all walked into the restaurant then and thankfully found the woman who would be able to check us in! The other guest checked in first (since he arrived a minute or two before us) and then we were assigned our room – what appeared to be one of maybe 8 rooms.

As with the rest of the trip, we were very happy with our accommodations.  (No matter how many times I’ve typed that word on this trip, I still can’t spell it correctly without the help of spell check!)  The room was spacious with a small, semi-private patio and large bathroom.




IMG_2252 As with pretty much all of our rooms (I can’t remember any that didn’t have any), there was ample tea and coffee available to us behind a cupboard.


After we felt settled, we headed back out into town to catch the sunset and find some dinner.  The town, as we expected, appeared to be quite small.  We ventured only a block or so to the water to see the very pretty view.


We then began our decision making on what to do for dinner.  We saw a Take Away and Ice Cream place.


There were also one or two restaurants along the block, but the menus didn’t entice us that evening.  We saw a pizza place and it looked rather closed from the outside but we ventured to the door to take a look at the menu.


Once we got to the door, we realized we were quite wrong and a handful of tables were full inside.  After reviewing the menu, we were set on dining at Nicos.  We had the option of Take Away or Dine In and decided to eat at the restaurant.

On the beverage menu, the Husband noticed that they had an alcoholic Ginger Beer.  After enjoying Bundaberg Ginger Beer, we were quite interested to see what an alcoholic version would taste like.  It was… interesting to say the least :-)  The Husband is glad he tried it but he wouldn’t order it again.  I think that if you like Cider and ginger, you would like this beverage.


As an appetizer, we ordered garlic bread to share.  It was good!


For our main courses, I ordered a Chicken Avocado pasta.  I believe it had chicken, mushrooms, a creamy tomato sauce, pasta, avocado, and parmesan.  While the bowl looks small, it was quite a large portion and I ate only a little bit of it.  Took home the rest to enjoy as lunch the next day!


The Husband ordered the Aussie pizza.  It had ham, bacon, fried egg, capsicum, mozzarella, onion, and bbq sauce.  He enjoyed this and was happy to have half the pizza left for lunch the next day as well 🙂


While we dined, we saw a small handful of individuals we’d seen at the 12 Apostles.  Port Campbell must have been their end point as well for the day!

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel restaurant (it was included in our room rate).  We generally had the traditional breakfasts we’ve had throughout the trip and the quality was as good as the others.  We then headed down to the General Store to buy bottled water and stamps so we could send some postcards.  We packed up the car and headed back east toward Melbourne and then south to our next destination: Mornington!

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Cairns’s La Pizza

Posted by Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers on March 23, 2010

During the afternoon on Friday, as we wandered through Cairns, we saw lots of restaurants with outdoor dining; many of them offered essentially early bird specials – 15% to 25% off if seated by 6:30.  My assumption is that by filling up their tables early with the special rates, it makes them look popular, enticing other diners to do the same.  We weren’t hungry in that timeframe, unfortunately, and meandered through the many restaurants.  When we got to La Pizza, the good pizza smells enticed us and after a quick review of the menu, we decided this was where we would have dinner.



To continue our desire to sample Australian wines and beers, I ordered a glass of the Beresford Beacon Hill Chardonnay.  I’m not sure where this winery is, but I really enjoyed the Chardonnay.  It was fruity and slightly sweet.  The Husband ordered the James Squire Amber Ale.  The James Squire enticed us, after a recommendation from his brother’s friend Marcus.  This Amber Ale was excellent and the first beer we’ve enjoyed in Australia!



For our meals, we decided to share a pizza and a pasta and to each get a salad.  The waiter suggested bringing out the pizza first and then the salads and pasta at the same time.  To start, we had the  Mare Fantasia pizza.  We could select from a small, medium or large (4, 6, or 8 slices) and chose the Medium.  The pizza was thin crust with tomato, mozzarella, mixed seafood and topped with New Zealand mussel and prawn.  We thought it was funny that there was literally a mussel and a prawn.  Additionally, when we asked the waiter later what was on the pizza (specifically we were wondering what the “mixed seafood” was but didn’t explicitly say that), he said “seafood.”  We laughed and asked him to clarify.  It appeared to have shrimp, mussels, octopus/squid, and possibly scallops.  This pizza was fabulous! We enjoyed every last bite 🙂



The pasta we selected was the House Made Raviolli filled with lamb ragu and served with truffle  oil.  We enjoyed that the filling really was as described – a lamb ragu – chunks of lamb and not a puree filled with cheese.  This was quite flavorful.  In the center, there was also a rocket and tomato salad (rocket seems to be the lettuce of choice here).


For our salads, we chose Caesar Salads.  We were particularly drawn to the poached egg and anchovy descriptions on the menu.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much anchovy flavor (and we didn’t see any anchovies in the dish) and like most of the poached eggs we’ve had, the yolk wasn’t runny.  The egg itself went nicely with the salad, but wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  If we were to go back, we wouldn’t have ordered the salads, especially for their price.


Again, like many of the restaurants, we were unsure how to handle paying.  In general, we are finding that you definitely are supposed to just get up from your table and head to the cashier.  I don’t think it’s something we’ll get used to though – leaving your table without having paid at the table is just a bit unnerving.

But back to the restaurant itself, this meal was quite enjoyable and we recommend it to anyone in Cairns looking for some good pizza and pasta and good atmosphere. 🙂

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